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Moving Gallery

Material: Steel, OSB Board, Wheels
Moving Gallery designer: Sehwan Oh.
Exhibition Partner: Kyuhee Kim, Yoonjung Hong, Joohyung Lee

A Moving Gallery is designed to provide designers with a variety of place choice options
enabling them to posit art pieces in different indoor and outdoor places to facilitate their
design purposes and to exhibit art pieces with maximum presentation effect. In the
Moving Gallery, the intensity of illumination is controlled. The Moving Gallery consists
of spaces which stimulate the curiosity of outside audience by letting them see the
movements of inside audiences. For example, those who are outside of the Moving
Gallery can see inside guests’ legs. Moving Gallery utilizes steel and OSB board which
are easy to make into pieces and move to any venue with wheels. Thanks to the
accessibility of the Moving Gallery, people can stop by and enjoy the Moving Gallery on
the street, in park, public space and any place where they want to see the exhibitions.